2021 Projects

Every project I do at Rozelle Darkroom is informed by my mission directives which are promoting the film photography darkroom crafts as well as promoting slower thinking. It’s one thing to come up with a project and another to skillfully execute it and to ensure its greatness. I have created so much mediocrity in my life and it makes me sad. I suppose the only way though to create greatness is to have a baseline measure to compare yourself with. Many find this measure in other peoples work, but I feel it is more revealing to reflect upon your own self, and then compare that state to your work as improvement is a function of introspection just as much as it is a function of retrospection.

I apologise for my rampant paraphrasing but Steve Jobs once suggested that the greatness of a product is the sum of the greatness of all the constituent processes involved in the creation of the product. In order to achieve greatness, I must granularise all the processes that are part of a project and elevate them. With larger projects this may be difficult as processes may lie out of my expertise. If I attempt a process like that I cannot ensure the highest level of quality. As well as this, another conundrum is time. Beautiful multifaceted and complex projects require many high quality ingredients which all require the investment of time.

The only answer to these challenges is delegation, which in itself has the power to bring people together as a community working towards one goal. Through the creation of large projects which require levels of process delegation, we are able to produce impactful material that satisfies our joint goals of protecting the antiquated craft of film photography and the darkroom craft.

Project NameProject TimelineProject Status
Boob Camera – Dark MofoDue around JulyProposal Submitted
Dark Roze ZineFirst of MayDesigning
Exhibit 1JuneConceptualising
Exhibit 2JulyConceptualising
Some projects. I don’t like how normal they are… More innovative plans are to come!

If you have a project idea, please email us at – we’d love to collaborate!