Using Pillow Stuffing As A Cloud Wall

This photoshoot was last minute planned with my friend Madison we decided to spend the whole day creating a cloud wall to do artistic portraits of an ancient goddess. We decided to make the cloud wall ourselves.

The cloud wall took three hours to make using cardboard boxes held together with good old duck tape, polyester stuffing found in cheap pillows from KMART and a ton of PVA glue to hold it all together. It was a laborious process but the results were worth it and we had a lot of fun that day. We filmed the timelapse below.

The images came out perfectly!

Close portrait cloud wall

Cloud wall

Cloud wall standing portrait

Big thanks to my beautiful model Madi and also Rozelle Darkroom for space

.Cloud wall portrait

Written By:

Caitlin Edie

Caitlin is a member of Rozelle Darkroom. She joined in late 2020 and has been avidly using the studio while she progresses in her photographic career. You can find Caitlin’s Instagram here and her website here.