Rozelle Darkroom is the home to a community of artists. We all learn from each other, support each other and share the space together to create wonderful art.

Rozelle Darkroom Membership gives you

  • Unlimited access to the darkroom, studio, equipment
  • Free-flowing Multigrade paper developer, XTOL film developer, stop and fix
  • Members-only workshops, expeditions and expression opportunities
  • Discounts at various film photography related stores in Sydney
  • The ability to contribute to a small, tight-knit photographic community

Membership for 2022 is $10 per week, charged quarterly. This is the cost of developing and scanning a roll of film per week!

Develop and scan as many rolls as you’d like for $10 a week!

Usually 1 roll costs $15 at a lab. Learn a new skill and save some coin!

As Rozelle Darkroom is a community space, all membership fees are allocated towards rent, chemistry, new equipment, members projects and beers! It is important that you have a firm understanding of film developing and darkroom printing concepts before becoming a member. You can learn these from one of our classes!

If you are interested in joining Rozelle Darkroom, please contact us via email on and we’ll send you the registration form!