We have a friendly, well equipped modular darkroom with space for up to 10 enlarger heads.

We also offer darkroom lessons for those interested in learning the basics of black and white printing.


The enlarger brands we are currently using are LPL, Durst, Ilford and Minolta. We have many different sized lenses, negative carriers and filter sets with the ability to enlarge up to 4X5 negatives. We also have many dodging and burning tools and easels up to A3.

Our darkroom set up ready for you to walk in and print.

Wet Area

We have a large wet area with space to develop prints up to A2. We also have a circulating rinsing tub for fast and even print rinsing.

Multigrade paper developer, Ilford stop and fix are always available for free.

Drying Areas

We have a large electrostatic film and paper drying cabinet which has space for up to 20 36 exposure 35mm negatives. The drying cabinet also evenly dries RC paper in under 5 minutes. We also have fibre paper drum and flatbed dryers for those who like to indulge in the finer paper.


If you’d like to use the darkroom casually, consider purchasing a darkroom pass! All first time Rozelle Darkroom users are required to purchase a 30-minute, face to face once-off darkroom induction.

30 minute Rozelle Darkroom induction, 5-Hour Darkroom Pass with Multigrade Dev, Stop and Fix included.

For those who have received an induction – 5-Hour Darkroom Pass with Multigrade Dev, Stop and Fix included.

If you have a large project or are keen to use the darkroom a bit, a multipass offers you a %20 discount for 5-day access.

If you’d like to use the darkroom consistently, why not consider becoming a Rozelle Darkroom member?

Not sure what you need?

For those who have unique projects or are just curious, feel free to contact us below and we’ll work with you to find the best darkroom solution.

We’ve designed darkroom for schools and festivals and have also run corporate workshops and highschool subjects from our humble darkroom – if you dream it, we can do it!

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