Rozelle Darkroom is a non for profit community creative space owned and run by BJ and Dillon. Formerly called 6X7PHOTOHAUS, Rozelle Darkroom is the only public darkroom and studio space in Sydney with a specific focus on analogue photography.

Our goal is to maintain interest in the craft of analogue photography and the darkroom craft by building a community of like-minded individuals. From the community members, together we can spread the word of the beauties of the darkroom craft.

We aim to achieve this by having affordable darkroom access, affordable and accessible workshops, host events and release a publication.

We are able to keep everything going with the generous support of DoFilm Lab in Darlinghurst. We highly recommend going there!

Rozelle Darkroom would also like to make a special acknowledgement to Barbara Cuckson, the owner of Rozelle School Of Visual Arts. Without her generosity, Rozelle Darkroom would not exist. Barbara has been an advocate for community arts for decades and deserves the utmost respect and gratitude – it’s not every day you meet someone as impactful as her. Thank you always, Barbara!