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The only public access darkroom in Sydney.

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Film Photography & Darkroom Classes

Are Labs Too Expensive? Develop Film Yourself.

From chemistry to temperatures to gear – learn the ins and outs of developing black and white film at home.

Screw Scanning – Learn To Print
In The Darkroom!

Experience the wonders of darkroom printing by learning to build your first enlarged B&W print.


If you are familiar with darkroom craft and looking for a place to practice, we can help you! Darkroom passes enable you to use our comprehensive darkroom facility. All chemistry is included with darkroom passes.

Our Sponsor


We are able to stay cheap, fun and creative because of our sponsor, DoFilm Lab!

If you’d like to get your film developed or scanned for a great price, we definitely recommend going there. It’s our lab of choice in Sydney.

“The only way to keep Film Photography alive is to share the practice together”

We practice the old art of sharing knowledge and learning through trial and error.

There are no shortcuts to mastery, especially in the darkroom. With that said, once you join our community, you will be supported along your journey.

Rozelle Darkroom Membership

Unlimited darkroom, studio and equipment usage with free-flowing chemistry. Discount lab prices, film, paper and cameras.

Join our tight-knit, supportive analogue photography community with monthly meetups and learning sessions.

Rozelle Darkroom Articles

Content carefully curated and written by our wonderful members.

On Portraits

The most important thing in portrait photography is not the camera, the lens, or the lighting. It’s the subject. Working with the person in front…
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2021 Projects

Every project I do at Rozelle Darkroom is informed by my mission directives which are promoting the film photography darkroom crafts as well as promoting…
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